How does a Saadho mountain Yoga retreat look like?

How does a Saadho mountain Yoga retreat look like?

So, we organized a very informal yoga/trekking retreat friends in April 2018. This was primarily guided by Shivani with assistance from Jubin. The intention of this gathering was to come together and share whatever we’ve learnt from our practices.

We had five sessions over the course of 3 days and these served as an introduction to anyone who wants to take up Yog as a practice. Asanas are a very big part and a crucial element around which things revolve but Yog as a whole, as our dear Jehangir Sir says, is never only about asanas. Yog is much deeper and about knowing your body, your deeper inner self.

We started out the first day with some basic asanas which are good stretches and over the course of the retreat, moved on to Surya Namaskaras and Tibetan Rites. Here are some photos from the camp:

[foogallery id=”15758″]

 The place we were staying at is a Forest Rest House in the village which is taken care of by a dear forest guard friend. This place is occupied during the weekends but is usually free on weekdays and is always available for camping. There are some other homestays in the village too. As for food arrangements, simple basic dal chaawal is available and for the retreat, we carry the essentials too.

From the Kareri Village (which is abut 18km from Dharamshala bus stand), there is a beautiful 12km trek to Kareri Lake which further on goes to Minkiani Pass over which one can cross over to the Chamba Valley. This is a route very close to our heart and we’re glad to take pilgrimages on this route.

If you’re looking to join in for one of these retreats, subscribe to our newsletter on or drop in a mail to to organize a customized one.

Prayers and blessings.

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