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Saadho is an ever evolving collective of friends walking together on the path of inner knowing, loving and blossoming. It is a collective that grows together and supports each other in finding our true nature, the nature of the cosmos. And it is an experiment to create a perfect harmony between the inner and the outer, where matter meets the consciousness in each one of us.


Saadho has a small base in Dharamshala, India, where the gatherings take place, sometimes as planned retreats and at other times as spontaneous evening Satsanghs or Kirtans, with the backdrop of the Himalayas setting the scene. We also have a base in London, UK where we hold regular yoga and Kirtan evenings. But the friends of Saadho are wide spread across India, Europe and Singapore etc.


Apart from sharing & exploring the learning via retreats, yoga classes, Satsangs (talks), Kirtans (devotional singing/chanting), meditations and pilgrimages, some of the areas of work @ Saadho are small scale organic farming, food, organic cotton fabric, pottery, sound & music, writings and other forms of creative expression. Combining all of this, we have been working on a theme based magazine which is published every three to four months and have also began making docu-films and short clips of our works as well. Recently we have also started recording our Kirtans, mantras, chanting and some deep meditative works with sound.


Saadho is an invitation to all of us, to walk together, towards the gathering of love and add oil to the flame of inner awakening in life.


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Have you ever met someone who just seems love others with no agenda whatsoever and wanting nothing in return i.e. total selfless love? Why is it that when we come across these beings, we feel jittery around them? Why is it that we feel the......

We are fresh off the boat from the Sark Roots Festival which took place on a teeny tiny island on the English Channel and where the UK Saadho Sangha shared kirtan, mantra chanting and a set of specially composed English songs by our dear Daisy......

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