About This Project

All life is vibrations and all sounds too are vibrations and frequencies. From the sound all lifecomes and in the sound all life returns, but in between we are given a chance, an opportunity to experience, to realize a sound which the ancient masters have called the soundless sound. It is soundless, but it is still called a sound, because we can hear it, not from our listening sense of ears, but in the deep interiority of our being, it exists, not as sound that we know of, but as soundless sound, an unstruck sound, in Hindi language it is called Anhad Naad.

Saadho shares Kirtans and Meditations on sound during informal gatherings and also during our planned retreats. You can stay updated about the calendar by subscribing to the newsletter or writing to


Arrangement of ancient mantras and chants with musical notes & rhythms to invoke deep feelings in us, pure, un-coloured divine love & remembrance, gratitude & prayerfulness, joyous, celebrative & ecstatic. In the collective presence of each participant, the process can become much deeper & lasting.

Meditations on sound

As a collective, we all do certain powerful meditations on sound from the ancient eastern traditions; it brings deeper healing and allows us to experience spaces of silence, hidden deep in our beings. If we allow ourselves, this silence will become more and more established in us and the secrets of life, the nature of reality gets revealed to us.

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