About This Project

Let’s get straight to the point!


Talking is a direct and intimate way in which we can reveal inner truths to each other, often in the presence of a guiding friend.


During Saadho talks (otherwise known as dialogues or satsanghs) we can discuss the matters that impact us in life and the perceived barriers that hold us back from knowing our true selves. It can provide a beautiful opportunity for all involved to pause and reflect on how our daily lives can support our inner journey and to see illusions created by our mind.  Like a sword we can cut through these myths. But with friends holding our hands, this need not be a lonely experience. All we can say for sure, is that in partaking in such talks we are not the same as we were before.


Talks can take place as a question and answer session or a chat on certain relevant topics adaptable to any person or group. This can also often involve silent sitting, as a way to tapping into our inner world, in the presence of guiding friends.


Talks are a central part of Saadho’s activities and are interwoven in all our other offerings. These are often conducted by our friend Sri Anish and can take place spontaneously or planned as part of our other activities.


If you would like to hold a group session or one to one satsangh get in touch with us for more details.