About This Project

Yoga is an ancient methodology passed down through the ages to reach the ultimate understanding of who we are.
Yoga is believed to have originated around 10,000 years ago in India. And as the legend goes, the first yogi, who we call “Shiva or Adi Yogi” first taught and transmitted Yoga to his 7 chief disciples, called “the sapt rishis” which mean the first set of 7 Rishi’s or Yogis. Over the years many sages & yogis have contributed to the dissemination of yoga throughout the world. But Yoga has become much more relevant today than any other time in the history of humanity.
Relevance of Yoga
As modern society is growing at a very rapid pace, we have been losing touch with our own selves. This is becoming evident from the way our own physical, mental and emotional bodies are becoming totally out of sync with each other.
The modern human being is divided into many fragments. Mind pulls you in one direction, emotions pull you in another and your body is totally confused as to whom it should respond to. One moment you want to do this, but immediately another thought takes over leading your attention elsewhere and this constant rush of thoughts doesn’t allow you to do what you really want to do or to be what you are really meant to be. Hence the greater need for Yoga today.
Meaning of Yoga
The word Yoga literally means to Join, which basically means creating a natural rhythm and harmony within your body, mind & emotions. Through the regular practice of yoga, one can train the body, mind & emotions in such a way that there is no involuntary movement in you. Your body acts when you want it to act but not out of any compulsion. Your mind thinks when you want it to think and not out of any lack of control over random thoughts. And the energy of your emotions is available to you whenever you want to engage with it.
Popular modern notion of Yoga
Over the years, people have started thinking of yoga as just the body postures and a way of exercise, forgetting its ultimate power. Many people even who practice yoga do not even know that the science of Yoga was developed keeping the highest and absolute enlightenment of human beings in focus. If we reduce this sacred science of highest possible evolution, just to some physical asanas and postures then we miss a beautiful gift of the ancient Rishis and the Yogis.
Various forms of Yoga
Today, Yoga has been classified into many different forms, like the Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga etc. Whatever form of yoga we practice, it’s important that when we practice, we keep the ultimate purpose of yoga in focus.
Yoga is the highest possible science available to human beings for their overall upliftment, wellbeing, evolution and ultimate enlightenment.
Currently we hold regular yoga sessions at Dharamshala, India and London, UK and specific yoga retreats in multiple locations. Write to us for more details at
During our yoga sessions we explore some of the key yoga practices from the yoga traditions such as asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), and yoga nidra (the art of relaxation).

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