Kirtan Sangha CD


Our latest Kirtan Cd recorded in June 2018.

A Sangha is a community of seekers. In a Sangha we serve as reminders to each other that what keeps us together is greater than what keeps us apart.

This cd is an expression of our ongoing journey of sound meditation. It is an expression of love and thankfulness, and also an opening to experience silence, be it between each mantra or throughout the whole sound encounter. Mostly it can bring us into remembrance of our connection with each other and beyond.

When we sing our hearts out together, where is the separation between you and I?

Love Kirtan Sangha

Track listing 

1. Ganesha

2. Omkara

3. Amma Taye

4. Saraswati

5. Gun gavey

6. Jaya Shiva Omkara

7. Chamundaye (Live from Auroville, India)

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